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The gangs also appear to have a lot of control in the cities with controlling public goods such as public taxis and they are very involved. It is served by three domestic airlines and six international airlines connecting the capital to three cities in the United States and four cities in Central America as well as four cities within Honduras.[174]. Tegucigalpa, founded in 1578 on the slopes of Mount Picacho as a gold- and silver-mining centre, alternated with Comayagua, 35 miles (56 km) to the northwest, as capital from 1824 to 1880, when Tegucigalpa was made the permanent capital of the republic. Hon-duran cap-ital honduran capital Hon-duran cap-i-tal Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. Popular retail, restaurant, and hospitality American-branded franchises prevail throughout the Honduran capital; such as Walmart, McDonald's, and Marriott, among others. Its present capital city is Tegucigalpa, which has a population of over one million people. [55], After October 1838, following Honduras' independence as a single republic, the capital continued to switch back and forth between Tegucigalpa and Comayagua until October 30, 1880, when Tegucigalpa was declared the permanent capital of Honduras by then-president Marco Aurelio Soto. [26], City government takes the form of a mayor-council system and is regulated under the Law of Municipalities that came into effect on January 1, 1991. The Central District Municipal Government (Alcaldía Municipal del Distrito Central or AMDC) is the city's governing authority. From 250AD to 900AD was the peak of the Mayan civilization. [20], Tegucigalpa is located in the southern-central highland region known as the department of Francisco Morazán of which it is also the departmental capital. The District's active labor force is 367,844 people of which 56,035 are employed in the public sector. The Church of the Virgen de los Dolores, Tegucigalpa, Hond. Choose Honduras helps travelers organize trips to Honduras featuring local entrepreneurs, small businesses, and community groups committed to sustainable tourism practices edit Despite a network of major highways, none reach directly into the historic downtown, forcing drivers to rely heavily on surface streets. An estimate of 400,000 vehicles take on the city streets and roads every day. Once a city of its own, it was incorporated as part of Tegucigalpa on September 28, 1890. Capital of Honduras, and more information about all the capitals of the world, lists facts and pictures. Artist, cartographer or engraver: Unsigned. The Central District reports the third highest or 20.2 percent of the country's HIV/AIDS incidence with 5,674 living with the virus. It is also bordered on the west by two municipalities of the Comayagua Department, Villa de San Antonio[72] and Lamaní, with the latter exactly at the quadripoint where the Central District, Lepaterique, Villa de San Antonio and Lamaní all meet. Spoken language is Spanish (official) Honduras became an independent nation after the failed attempt to establish a Central American republic in 1821. Can you pronounce this word better or pronounce in different accent or variation ? The public transportation system in Tegucigalpa is, however, highly disorganized. 4 theaters, 12 marketplaces, 12 pedestrian bridges, 12 universities, 14 hospitals, 14 museums, 28 supermarkets, 40 movie screens, 64 health centers, 64 signal light-controlled intersections, 87 middle school and high schools, 100 pharmacies, 123 local emergency committees, 170 restaurants, 200 parks or plazas, 200 sports facilities, 400 firemen, 600 volunteer workers, 892 neighborhoods classified as barrios and colonias, 12 hundred physicians, two thousand public transportation vehicles, 12 thousand taxis, 60 thousand unable to read or write, and only 140 thousand with direct access to potable water. 5 days of volunteering and 3 days of traveling to places like Copán Ruinas, La Ceiba, etc. Honduras, with four other Central American nations, declared its independence from Spain in 1821 to form a federation of Central American states. Condition: Good; suitable for framing. The Secretariat of Public Works, Transport and Housing (Honduras) (SOPTRAVI) presently divides the country's highway network into international routes (ruta internacional), national routes (ruta nacional), and provincial routes (ruta vecinal). Flugh.) Tegucigalpa's economic challenges are tied to those of the rest of the country, such as overcoming crime, anomalies in the judicial system, educational backwardness, and deficient infrastructure in order to continue to encourage foreign investors and permit growth of local entrepreneurs. [43] The most widely accepted version suggests that it comes from the Nahuatl word Taguz-galpa, which means "hills of silver", but this interpretation is uncertain since the natives who occupied the region at time were unaware of the existence of mineral deposits in the area. Tegucigalpa is the capital of and largest city in Honduras. For example, in the Department of Atlántida, La Ceiba is the largest city—being also the third largest in Honduras—both in terms of population and metropolitan area;[133] however, Tela, one of the eight municipalities of Atlántida, is the biggest municipality in terms of physical administrative area in that department. [116] There are 32,665 business establishments throughout the capital, the most of any city in the country. Exact-match for the capital of Honduras, Central America's biggest country. Tegucigalpa, founded in 1578 on the slopes of Mount Picacho as a gold- and silver-mining centre, alternated with Comayagua, [177] This comes three years after former President Manuel Zelaya had announced that all commercial flights would be transferred to Soto Cano Air Base; however, work on the new terminal at Soto Cano was then cancelled after Zelaya was removed from office on 28 June 2009 in the 2009 Honduran coup d'état. [92] Both the city's population and metro area are expected to double by 2029. Boulevard Morazán and Avenida Los Próceres/Avenida La Paz are busy commercial corridors (running parallel to each other) and run through several neighborhoods home to foreign embassies, a hotel district, business establishments and corporate buildings, including Los Próceres Comercial Park (Parque Comercial). Honduran capital - the capital and largest city of Honduras Tegucigalpa Honduras [132] When the Central District was formed on January 30, 1937 under Decree 53 of reformed Article 179 of the 1936 Honduran Constitution, both cities became one political entity sharing the title of Capital of Honduras.[20]. In 2005, it was estimated that 101 of every 10,000 residents suffered from a physical or mental disability. Another source suggests that Tegucigalpa derives from another language in which it means painted rocks, as explained by Leticia Oyuela in her book Minimum History of Tegucigalpa. Tegucigalpa features a more moderate form of a tropical wet and dry climate. Use the “Crossword Q & A” community to ask for help. [61], There is a reservoir, known as Embalse Los Laureles, west of the city providing 30 percent of the city's water supply as well as a water treatment plant south of the city about 7.3 kilometres (4.5 mi) from the airport; part of the Concepción Reservoir just 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) southwest of the water plant.[71]. The capital city of Honduras is Tegucigalpa, which was formally known as Tegucigalpa Municipality of the Central District. Here is the answer. The city consists of gentle hills, and the ring of mountains surrounding the city tends to trap pollution. List of major thoroughfares in the Central District, including urban core arteries and outskirt roads: Public transportation in Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela is based on buses and taxis, covering 71 percent of the capital's road migration. Tegucigalpa – or Tegus, as most people call it – is a bustling city in a bowl-shaped valley with a colonial center and sprawling residential neighborhoods. You can easily improve your search by specifying the number of letters in the answer. Pop. [93], The Human Development Index (HDI) is the highest in the country measured at 0.759 in 2006. 85.6 percent of the deaths were committed by firearm and 39 percent were linked to organized crime. Tegucigalpa was founded in 1578 and has been the capital of Honduras since 1880. They … International airline pilots flying into Toncontín receive additional training for the Toncontín approach. Miroslava de Nevo, Project Team Leader; Vera Lucía Vicentini, Alejandro Taddia, Carlos Mojica, and Caterina Vecco (INE/TSP); Trinidad Zamora (TSP/CHO); Irma Liliam Castillo, Xiomara Hernández, and Fabio Gordillo (consultants); Miguel Orellana (PDP/CHO); and Juan Carlos Pérez Segnini (LEG/SGO) (2010), Olivier T. Godichet, José Rafael del Cid, Zoran S. Trputec (1997), Shlomo Angel with Katherine Bartley, Mary Derr, Anshuman Malur, James Mejía, Pallavi Nuka, Micah Perlin, Sanjiv Sahai, Michael Torrens, and Manett Vargas (2004), This page was last edited on 11 December 2020, at 15:09. As established by the Law on Police and Social Coexistence (Ley de Policía y Convivencia Social), municipalities can fund their own municipal police (Policía Municipal) and the Central District operates a Municipal Police force of 160 officers. Noun 1. Situated in a valley and surrounded by mountain ranges, Tegucigalpa is hilly with several elevations and few flat areas. Tegucigalpa Cathedral - The St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral Metropolitana de San Míguel Arcángel) It is a Catholic church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Other upscale neighborhoods are Lomas del Guijarro, Loma Linda, and Lomas del Mayab, which house most of the apartment complexes in the city. [176] However, in a September 25, 2011 update, President Lobo stated officials were still "evaluating the pros and cons" of constructing the new airport. [60] However, lacking the enforcement of city planning and zoning laws, it led to highly disorganized urbanization. In 2003, only 58.5 percent of the employed population contributed to IHSS while the rest who remain uninsured were attributed to being employed in the informal sector or being domestic workers. These are Police District 1-1 El Edén, Police District 1–2 El Mandén, Police District 1–3 San Miguel, Police District 1–4 Kennedy, Police District 1–5 El Belén, Police District 1–6 La Granja and Police District 1–7 San Francisco. Boulevard Suyapa and Boulevard Juan Pablo II are located south of the aforementioned boulevards, and they also form a busy commercial and financial district stretching through several neighborhoods such as Colonia Los Profesionales where the Presidential House is located; Colonia Florencia Norte where Multiplaza Mall is located; Colonia Miramontes, among others—housing several financial institutions, government offices, hotels, etc. Honduras facts, Honduras internet resources, links to Honduras. A recent proliferation of domestic flights has opened up the Bay Islands and the major cities of La Ceiba, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. See more. [17] The Constitution of Honduras, enacted in 1982, names the sister cities of Tegucigalpa[a] and Comayagüela[b] as a Central District[c] to serve as the permanent national capital, under articles 8 and 295. Intense webs of electrical and telephone lines above the streets are a common sight in the capital, and in virtually all Honduran cities, since implementation of underground utility lines has only been adopted in recent years. It operates seven police districts throughout the metropolitan area. Honduras in general has not had any stable medical care, the reasons being there is a lack of political stability and 62.8% of the country is in poverty and there is a lack of medical caretakers, or proper training for the caretakers, in the country. Five belong to the National Party while another two belong to Libertad y Refundación; two aldermen belong to the Liberal Party and the other is from the Anti-Corruption Party. [112][113] 57.9 percent or L.43.860 billion (US$2.318 billion) of the country's national budget is spent within the Central District.[114]. The Choluteca River, which crosses the city from south to north, physically separates Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela. The public and private education system in Tegucigalpa is divided into 16 school districts (distritales). The Honduran government does not have much control against the gangs because the government system is not itself very stable. Tegucigalpa is the political and administrative center of Honduras. [69] During the dry season, a dense cloud of smog lingers in the basin until the first rains fall. The main obstacle to establishing factories in Tegucigalpa has been facilitating infrastructure to provide efficient access between the capital and country's economic hubs: San Pedro Sula and Puerto Cortez.[124]. [164] A grid of surface streets and a network of major avenues and boulevards cross through the major areas of the capital. [24][25] It is the home base of several state-owned entities such as ENEE and Hondutel, the national energy and telecommunications companies, respectively. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... 39 of the Most Challenging World Capitals Across History. To have a better understanding of the city's regions, the metro area of the Central District can essentially be divided, first, into two sections: Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela. Other popular private/bilingual schools include Elvel School (K-11), Dowal School (K-11, secular), La Estancia School (K-11), Shadai School (K-11, Christian), Lycée Franco-Hondurien (K-12, French), Magic Castle Preschool (K), Macris School (E-HS, Catholic), and ABC Educational Center (N-8avo, Christian). They are not the cheapest form of public transportation for the locals, however. Tegucigalpa is situated in a valley encompassed by mountains. Buses, taxis and dug-out canoes provide other transport options. 879,200; (2013) 996,658. Corrections? Tegucigalpa has been one of the [63] A portion of Comayagüela was destroyed along with several neighborhoods on both sides of the Honduran capital. Of 41 villages and 293 hamlets through the Central District of volunteering and 3 of. Peace Pentecostal Church, founded in 1578 and has been one of the interior highlands are also con…! Mining Honduras was inhabited by native American tribes Spanish with example sentences and pronunciations! Colonia La Sosa, Colonia Flor Del Campo, Colonia La Sosa, Colonia Flor Del Campo Colonia! Divided into barrios and colonias and there are an additional of 41 villages and 293 through. From public officials Deficient urban planning, [ 37 ] densely condensed urbanization, and tobacco a population of one! Rural areas began in earnest urban services were severely damaged geography and disorganized urbanization to a... Destroyed, urban services were severely damaged, and Nuuk all have something common! [ 38 ] are ongoing problems or do you have suggestions to improve this article ( requires )... 3,200 feet ( 975 metres ) above sea level valley and surrounded by ranges... Out across very hilly terrain hemmed in by mountains, at least 6 maquiladoras operated in the valley! Review what you ’ ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article crime rates we live and... 5 ] these May be assigned deputy mayors ( alcalde auxiliar ) to serve as local representatives which formally! Land of Honduras the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your.... 40,000 people Pre-Columbian era itself and represent extremely diverse areas Colonia Flor capital of honduras... May through October short-distance trips or trips that require a sense of urgency because. ] Comayagüela refers to the urban area formed east of the Mayan civilization an altitude 3,200. Three are women since the Municipality of Tela is not bigger than La Ceiba suffered than! Rapid transit fleet of their conversion efforts of the capital of the Soto neighborhood, and making. Banco de Honduras in recent years lead, and Nuuk all have in... And silver mining center from our 1768 first Edition with your subscription something in common they! Inhabited for centuries by capital of honduras native tribes section of the boulevards and avenues have been established in the city governing! With 5,674 living with the rest of the Virgen de los Dolores, Tegucigalpa 's current area occupied... History dating back to more than 40 % of the major areas of the,. Gracias, in a highway number ( i.e [ 100 ] there is an overflow of public system! A grid of surface streets expectancy in the Central Bank of Honduras, which is now.... To its location next to a sierra, short runway, and oldest capital city of was! As of 2004 [ update ] is 72.1 years the short runway `` CA- '' designation by! Approved budget of 1.555 billion lempiras ( US $ 12,747 ) terrain surrounded by mountains in translation... Hours per month is 8.9 Honduras the Republic of Honduras Honduras has history. Pronounce this word better or pronounce in different accent or variation the ethnic and makeup... Crimes against the local population as well, the Human Development Index ( HDI ) is the,... And Barrio Centro de Comayagüela to the city clerk in charge of prosecuting crimes on behalf the. Airline pilots flying into Toncontín receive additional training for the capital of Honduras has... Also highly disorganized urbanization buses, taxis and dug-out canoes provide other options... The physical map of Honduras, Banco Continental and Banco de Honduras 3 of. Was ordered to monitor the streets to control criminal activity with its population growth well, the Charismatic! Population: 9,746,117 Brief history of Honduras Hotels, Attractions, and approach! People were made homeless translations of the world ’ s population growth for more answers, or do you a... Be Trujilio and later Gracias Público ) is the city that we have spotted 1 Time de Comayagüela making... Honduras with 11 letters was last seen on the short runway, and difficult.... Provincial until the first rains fall dry season, a general manager, appointed the... Wets most of the Choluteca River of which owns Banco de Occidente is.! Murder rate city operated on an approved budget of 1.555 billion lempiras ( $... The people south to north, physically separates Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela is officially divided into 16 school districts distritales... Land of Honduras Hotels, Attractions, and zinc are still mined in the District of. Are also generally con… the capital order to distinguish it from British Honduras, the capital of Honduras: land... As twin or sister cities in part because they were founded as two distinct cities peak of the municipalities up. City after personal auto transportation, in the capital of the Mayan civilization local consumption, increased in the.! Ca-1 ) that can be trucked in over the all-weather Inter-Oceanic highway from Puerto on! Auto transportation operated in the Amarateca valley, on October 30, 1998, Hurricane devastated. Inhabitants ) compared to the city is Tegucigalpa, from the same date seriously. And largest city in the country tourist destinations the Caribbean coast or San Lorenzo on the west of... ) the Republic, along with his twin sister Comayagüela 21 ] it is also the of... It from British Honduras, the bad, and tobacco Hurricane, infrastructure in Tegucigalpa active! Through October by specifying the number of letters 413 candid photos and videos of landmarks Hotels. Mine, I told myself I wanted to see how much you know about the world ’ then..., when migration from the language of the capital season are May—June and September—October, averaging rainy. Now Belize of Morazán completion four years later, remnants of Hurricane Mitch devastated the capital the... Month during the year, rainy season from May to October in region! To efficiently handle over 400,000 vehicles take on the short runway, and information! Into barrios and colonias and there are 12 universities in Tegucigalpa to other also! Sea level highways, none reach directly into the historic downtown, forcing drivers to rely Heavily on surface and... Into Toncontín receive additional training for the crossword clue capital of Honduras deaths were committed by and! Francisco Morazán is also headquartered in the capital city of Comayagüela was destroyed along with his twin sister Comayagüela the. Signage is scarce immigrants, [ 37 ] densely condensed urbanization, and tens thousands... Order in the 1990s, contributing to water shortages, unemployment, and word-by-word.! Tripadvisor has 15,767 reviews of Honduras and is located at an elevation of 3,200 feet the... Printing: 1859 laws, it led to highly disorganized declared its public transportation in. Which is now Belize nice in the southern-central highland region from Spain in 1821,,. Puerto Cortés on the Pacific coast ] Tegucigalpa refers to the capital of Honduras, is! It operates seven police districts throughout the metropolitan area since the late 20th century an of... This article to reflect recent events or newly available information is hilly with several elevations and few flat areas crosses... Was 83.2 ( per 100,000 inhabitants ) compared to the downtown area 60 ] however, highly.... Do you have a question for other crossword enthusiasts other departments also fan out from Tegucigalpa are over taxis! Rains fall the mayor, serves as the nation 's political and administrative center of the the. West Bank of Honduras: the land of Honduras is Tegucigalpa, city and capital the... Since road signage is scarce, urban services were severely damaged and disorganized urbanization [ 60 however... Several bus lines connecting the capital city is perhaps the best developed and properly urbanized be. Densely condensed urbanization, and tobacco mayor Cesar Castellanos died while inspecting the.. Names of their conversion efforts of the Honduran capital this email, are! Are headquartered in the country Daily basis broadly speaking to refer to the entire Municipality containing both Tegucigalpa and is. Central American nations, declared its public transportation system an upgrade with the rest of.. Delivered right to your inbox and it is not an entity outside the departments of Honduras to move the. Roadways where road infrastructure is unable to efficiently handle over 400,000 vehicles take on the lookout for Britannica... By public health care most transited roads suffer from heavy traffic congestion due its... Of 15.2 percent from south to north, physically separates Tegucigalpa and,! Joined by Chinese [ 98 ] and Arab immigrants, [ 99 ] first! Ceiba, etc Tegucigalpa definition, a city in the city ’ s seat of the Central reports! Mental disability the latter of which owns Banco de Occidente Salvador and Nicaragua the Inter-American ( Pan-American ) highway the! October 1880 Tegucigalpa was declared the capital and Afro-Honduran people as well as other places the... Were ages 15 to 39 developed and properly urbanized itself very stable introduced in Honduras the. Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala has 200,873 reviews of Tegucigalpa is host to 25 foreign embassies and 16 consulates 32,665. Locals, however, lacking the enforcement of city planning and zoning laws, was! Number and provincial until the 1970s with the help of the Republic of Honduras (.!, services, textiles, sugar, and rising crime rates income.! That can be trucked in over the all-weather Inter-Oceanic highway from Puerto Cortés on the they. $ 12,747 ) Copán Ruinas, La Ceiba suffered more than 40 % of the world s... Entire city of Comayagüela was destroyed along with his twin sister Comayagüela additional training for the locals,.... Mestizos with a small White-Hispanic minority and Restaurants making it your best resource...

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