gps repeater for car

Global Foxcom is offering an exclusive Iridium Coaxial repeater solution, which enables users to stay connected to the world at all times even if all primary communication networks are down. Global Foxcom’s GPS/GNSS optical repeater solution is the ideal solution for re-transmitting GPS/GNSS signals indoors. The internal repeating antenna allows multi GPS receiver users to perform On-The-Fly normal receiver performance within a closed environment, usually a car or truck, while the main GPS antenna is mounted on the roof of the car. //]]> It is sometimes necessary to use a separate amplifier in conjunction with the splitter to ensure adequate transmission power to all the repeaters – if in doubt call or email FalTech for technical advice.. Global Foxcom’s unique optical redundant GNSS Time Distribution System (TDS) ensures fail-safe synchronization in data centers by transmitting fully redundant GPS/GNSS signals. This solution, which provides Iridium coverage to aircraft hangars, saves money because there is no need to take aircrafts out of the hangars each time avionics systems need to be tested. The system is built with Microlab’s patent-pending Digital SkyTiming Technology™ offering industry-first GPS signal transmission via CPRI for highly accurate timing and location. The P25 DVRS (Digital Vehicular Repeater System) is a small, rugged, self contained, 10W radio base station integrated with Motorola Solutions remote mount APX™ series mobile radios. //

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