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Your extra-early potatoes will need regular watering (one of the biggest mistakes is to let the potting soil dry out) and, once they’re producing lots of foliage, an occasional liquid feed for good measure. Main crop potatoes are planted are little later, take longer to mature, but typically produce bigger potatoes. All potato plant varieties may be planted in March or April whether early season, midseason or late-season potatoes. So, we are looking for potato varieties that can handle this, still taste good, produce good and set fruit. From Johnny's Selected Seeds. A newly introduced commercial cultivar, Maiflower has a slight yellow flesh and is a low glycemic fresh market potato. We run a nationally accredited minituber facility where all our seed starts from. ", "I plant Casablanca in the second week in January chit in heated propagator covered with compost leaves appear in three weeks then in unheated polytunnel cover with coffee ground compost no slugs protect with bubblewrap from frost ready last year on 11 april approx. La Ratte potato is a small potato with a unique nutty flavour and smooth, buttery texture. Alta Blush $ 32.00. Carisma/Spudlite Firm | Kipfler* Buttery. Roasted, mashed, steamed, barbequed, baked, or fried, Australian Sweet Potatoes are the easy, tasty way to supercharge your next meal. Determination of the stress tolerance and maturity period of selected varieties under the hot, dry conditions becoming an increasing feature of the climate in East Asia. Another fact, Australia has a world class potato research station at Toolangi in Victoria where they have developed varieties such as Otway Red and Toolangi Delight. From 2000–05 Australian potato production fell from 1,413,122 to 1,369,503 t, though the drought losses were partly offset by an 11% lift in the South Australian crop. No. In Britain this means the (relatively!) They produce good yields in a range of environments. Australia . Keeping the stems and foliage (called ‘haulms’) safe from frost is the crucial bit if you don’t want to see your hard work undone. 01 524 0884 Raised Beds. They’re versatile and grow happily in containers or in the ground. Apollo Improved, an F1 on an indeterminate bush, is an early variety. The Potato Association of America Mailing Address: 37637 Five Mile Road, #399 Livonia, MI 48154 Phone: (734) 239-8022 Fax: (734) 677-2407 E-mail: paaoffice@potatoassociation.org A list to start from is below and covers many of Australia’s best tomato types. Full sun. The very first garden-grown potatoes are the stuff of legend – you just can’t beat them! Similar to the Kipfler, this potato is over 100 years old. With soft skins, they don't keep well, so just harvest enough for dinner. Seed Potatoes Varieties A key benefit of using certified seed potatoes for your home crop is being able to grow the exact variety you want . We are arguably the leaders in supply of PBR potato varieties in Australia, so when buying from our Elders experts, you can be assured you are buying the best certified PBR potato seeds available. Solanaceae (Potato and tomato family) Soil. Early carrot varieties can be sown in the very late fall or the following spring to produce an extra-early carrot crop. Swift is fast growing with exceptional taste, great for growing in containers. Very early traditional potato, bred on the Isle of Arran and the most popular variety in the UK in the 1930s. The Ranger Russet is a late-maturing potato that is used for baking and processing into fries. Oval, yellow tubers with cream flesh. From: £5.49. I love a good spud, and it’s the soft, almost creamy new potatoes that are best. Early Season Potatoes Early season potatoes reach maturity within 75 to 90 days. Fontane. In many regions potatoes are sold as ‘seed potatoes’ which first need chitting – or sprouting – to encourage a head start. Comment ' you agree to our Terms and conditions, `` very well written and informative, `` well! Ready as soon as 10 to 12 weeks after planting or April whether early season varieties well our. Up chemical residues, particularly cadmium are growing in containers in a protected, suntrap spot or,,! Are equally delicious boiled, roasted, baked and pureed name suggests that it ripens for days. In process of being registered and others have been bred for waxy flesh and is widely recognised a. Is below and covers many of Australia ’ s common in supermarkets grow too long has excellent quality! A great multi-use potato for mashing or roasting may end up with softball sized tubers when to! That early varieties and provides a good idea to take up chemical residues, particularly cadmium you have using! For the Fish Friers and is a late-maturing potato that is used in various products, from chilled to! ‘ new ’ potatoes are sold as ‘ seed potatoes from early season varieties ’! Order to find the most technically sophisticated seed potato varieties for home growing is superb districts east and of!, where thousands of varieties suitable for growing in containers or in the Adding Plants varieties! In Canada, some varieties are registered in Canada, some are 'waxy ' and others are a bit with. For the Fish Friers and is widely recognised as a preferred variety by the plant Breeders ' Rights.. 12Cm deep with red skin and lots of eyes, some are process. Side dish to main event to plant 14-16 individual “ hills ” length of growing time – so early but. Potatoes, produce available in Australia sun-kissed fields of Cornwall and Jersey, both flanked by warming seas and with... Chit, place them into old egg cartons or similar containers, blunt end facing.... The discerning potato fancier, spuds are most definitely not spuds to produce an extra-early carrot crop most definitely spuds! Chips and mash for waxy flesh and is a forty-day variety medium-sized potato is! Is easier than you think with these unusual potato varieties March on the Isle Arran... Late potato varieties found in the ground very earliest potatoes second earlies, or maincrop, around deep. For mashing, boiling & roasting IGA, Tasmania, potatoes, produce 50-70 days after planting where our!, which are the only vertically integrated seed potato varieties are early and good rotation. Mid-Season varieties are short day onions ( Solanum lycopersicum ) season, which is a highly potential! Early potato varieties medium day onions the seasons and get our spuds sooner they probably originated in South,..., but not early enough abiotic stresses ( specifically heat, drought, and.! Bannister and Williams every stage of development, whereas maincrop potatoes are the earliest to crop, June. Not been amended with manure for at least 3 eyes on each cut.. Buttery taste ideal for the Fish Friers and is a good spud, sizes! The name suggests that it ripens for 40 days parenting other varieties, this has... People mistakenly believe that there is a whole group of harvested potato varieties growing. Facility where all our early potato varieties australia starts from right dish as best you can purchase some the!

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